Refinance / Capital release


Hall Asset Finance facilitates companies looking for asset refinance in the UK. Also, called capital release funding, this financial model can help you whether you want to increase cash flow for your business or acquire another asset.

We serve organizations working in various industries, including but not limited to agriculture, aviation, construction, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, marine, print, plastic, logistics, renewable energy, etc

What is Refinancing/Capital Release?

It is a type of model in which a finance company will purchase the asset from your organization, and then finance it back to you. The purpose of the refinancing model is to use the value of an existing asset for another purpose in the company. It could be to ease cash flow or finance new equipment.

Any company, regardless of its size and scale, can get asset refinancing services in the UK against a variety of equipment. Even sole traders can benefit from this financing model for various purposes concerning their business operations.

According to asset refinance in the UK, the payments are calculated on the basis of the income stream generated by the asset. Once the contract ends, the customer gets back the ownership of their asset.

Even if you have the asset with you under a finance deal with another leasing company, you can still opt for the refinancing model.


Hall Asset Finance thrives to be your reliable partner in asset refinance in the UK. Leveraging our industry expertise and vast networks of funding companies, we offer a strategic and practical approach to unlocking capital tied up in existing assets. This service is particularly advantageous for businesses looking to optimize their working capital without selling their essential assets

Benefits of Refinance

The Process of

  • Evaluation

    Our team will evaluate the value and condition of the asset you want to refinance

  • Repayment Terms

    In this step, we will discuss with you the repayment terms concerning the use of the asset.

  • Sign the Agreement

    Once everything is decided, the refinancing agreement is signed between the customer and the company.

  • Sign the Agreement

    Once details with the leasing company are finalised, we will send over the agreement to you for your signature.

  • Get Your Asset

    After the contract has ended, you will get back the ownership of your asset.

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