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Asset Refinance in the UK

Hall Asset Finance facilitates companies looking for asset refinance in the UK. Also, called capital release funding, this financial model can help you whether you want to increase cash flow for your business or acquire another asset.

We serve organisations working in various industries, including but not limited to agriculture, aviation, construction, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, marine, print, plastic, logistics, renewable energy, etc.

What is Asset Refinance?

It is a model in which a finance company will purchase the asset from your organisation, and then finance it back to you. The purpose of the refinancing model is to use the value of an existing asset for another purpose in the company. It could be to ease cash flow or finance new equipment.

Any company, regardless of its size and scale, can get asset refinancing services in the UK against a variety of equipment. Even sole traders can benefit from this financing model for various purposes concerning their business operations.

According to asset refinance in the UK, the payments are calculated based on the income stream generated by the asset. Once the contract ends, the customer gets back the ownership of their asset.

Even if you have the asset with you under a finance deal with another leasing company, you can still opt for the refinancing model.

Types of Asset Refinance in the UK

Equipment Refinancing

This option allows businesses to secure loans by using their machinery or equipment as collateral. It’s particularly beneficial for companies with significant investments in their operational tools but need quick access to cash for expansion.

Commercial Vehicle Refinancing

Ideal for businesses with a fleet of vehicles or substantial automotive assets. By refinancing these assets, companies can unlock capital tied up in their vehicles to improve cash flow or invest in new projects.

Property Refinancing

Companies can tap into the equity of their commercial properties, such as factories, warehouses, or office buildings. This is useful for generating significant amounts of capital for large-scale investments or restructuring debts.

Invoice Refinancing

This involves borrowing against the value of outstanding invoices. It helps businesses maintain liquidity by providing immediate funds for continuous operation and taking advantage of market opportunities.

Mechanics of Commercial Asset Refinance

In these arrangements, companies use their assets—such as machinery, vehicles, or property—as collateral to secure loans. Ownership of the assets remains with the company to guarantee the loan, functioning somewhat like security in a mortgage.

The key distinction here is that while the company continues to use and benefit from the assets, the financial risk associated with these assets also stays with the company. These assets and the associated debt are reflected on the company’s balance sheet.

This setup allows businesses flexibility and access to cash without selling vital operational assets. At the end of the refinancing term, the company can choose to refinance again, settle the loan, or make other financial arrangements.

Factors to Consider for Asset Refinancing in the UK

Advantages of Asset Refinance for Businesses

Steps to Get the Best Asset Refinance in the UK

Evaluate Asset Value and Select a Reputable Lender

Determine which of your assets have significant equity and partner with a financing institution known for integrity and positive customer interactions.

Review and Negotiate Financing Terms

Examine the refinance terms, interest rates, repayment schedule, and any early repayment penalties. Engage in negotiations to ensure the terms meet your financial requirements.

Tailor Solutions to Business Needs

Ensure that the refinancing agreement provides flexibility with your business cycles. Consider options like balloon payments or structured seasonal payments that could optimise your financial management.

Seek Professional Advice and Finalise the Deal

Consult with financial advisors to understand the implications of the asset refinance agreement. Once confident, finalise the documentation with room for any future financial adjustments.

Timeline for Securing Asset Refinancing Solution in the UK

The timeline to secure asset refinance in the UK can vary significantly. Typically, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Approval might be obtained within a week for straightforward cases with clear asset values and documentation. However, more complex situations, involving multiple assets or legal complications, could extend the timeline. Businesses need to work closely with their chosen financial brokers to expedite the process effectively.

Why Opt for a Premier Asset Refinance Broker in the UK?

Customised Financial Strategies

Tap into our expertise to support your business's unique challenges and opportunities. Our tailored approach ensures your refinance strategy aligns with your operational objectives.

Rapid Transaction Closure

Experience the benefits of a quick and efficient funding experience. Our goal is to minimise wait times and streamline your path to accessing crucial funds.

Dedicated Expert Guidance

Enjoy continuous support from our team of seasoned finance professionals. We're here throughout the refinancing process for a successful and stress-free experience for your business.

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