Operating Lease


Hall Asset Finance serves companies looking for assets operating lease services in the UK. With this financial model, companies can use assets they require for the duration of the contract in a plan of monthly rental instalments. 

As leading asset operating lease brokers in the UK, we will help you connect with credible funding companies.

What is an Operating Lease?

It is a type of rental contract in which the customer gets to possess and use an asset over a particular period of time. The customer pays regular rental instalments to the funding company against the use of the asset without the option of owning it.

When the contract ends, the leasing company owns the possession of the asset. They can either re-hire it or exchange the asset for a newer one. This type of lease is regarded as an off-balance sheet arrangement.

Reasons Companies Opt for Operating Lease

Acquiring an asset, such as machinery, equipment, or a vehicle, can greatly disturb a company’s cash flow. They have to set aside a major chunk of their revenue to meet the cost of the asset. This is where operating lease brokers in the UK can help you.

An operating lease agreement offers a solution to the budgeting issue. It allows companies to use a particular asset for a fixed period and then rent it back without incurring the huge costs of acquiring a new asset.

The option to pay in regular monthly instalments also proves to be beneficial for companies since they do not have to incur all the costs at once. It is basically the rental amount that is calculated on the basis of the original price of the asset and its forecasted residual value.

The Use of Operating Lease Agreement

An operating lease agreement in the UK is mostly used in cases when a company requires an asset with a high residual value. Typically, expensive machinery and vehicles fall under this category. It is important to note that the asset’s residual value is estimated at the time of the agreement for the operating lease. Also, the customer doesn’t have to face any risk if the asset’s actual value becomes greater or lower at the time of ending the contract.


Ranked among the most credible operating lease brokers in the UK, Hall Asset Finance helps companies preserve their capital and use an asset without bearing the costs associated with its ownership. We connect them with top asset finance companies to help them get the best possible options that suit their requirements.

Benefits of Operating Lease Agreement

The Process of
Operating Lease

  • Selection

    Select the asset you want to acquire for your business.

  • Share Your Requirements

    Let us know about the asset you require & we will proceed further.

  • Approval from Funding Company

    We will present you with a list of funding companies and gain approval for the use of asset from them.

  • Agreement

    Next, the agreement concerning the use of asset and repayment terms will be signed between you & the funding company.

  • The Use of Asset

    Once everything has fallen into place, you will be free to use the asset.

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