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Companies require soft assets in order to operate successfully and smoothly. These include security equipment, IT hardware and software, furniture and fittings, etc. For many companies, arranging all these assets can prove to be challenging since the budget is a major constraint. With the availability of different options for soft asset finance in the UK, you can now get them conveniently. 

At Hall Asset Finance, we can also help if you have already purchased the asset. After verifying the ownership of the asset and other details, we can offer sale and hire purchase back & lease back options. Selecting one of these options will enable you to get back the initial capital.

What is Soft Asset Finance?

It is a type of funding that allows companies to acquire soft assets without having to bear their high costs. The payments are made in regular instalments with the option to take the title at the end of the agreement. Hall Asset Finance will advise on which finance method is most suitable for you.


Hall Asset Finance plays a pivotal role in supporting companies looking for soft asset finance in the UK by offering a range of specialized financial solutions tailored to various industries requiring soft assets. Our expertise lies in facilitating funding for intangible assets such as software, intellectual property, licensing, and other non-physical assets essential for business growth and innovation.

What are Some Common Examples of Soft Assets?

Soft assets cover a range of items needed by an organisation for optimal functioning. Whether you’re looking for furniture or solar panel finance in the UK, funding companies can help you acquire them in a cost-effective manner. The following are some of the examples of soft assets acquired by companies:

Benefits of Soft Asset Finance

The Process for
Soft Asset Finance

  • Contact Us

    The process starts when you contact us with your requirements about the soft asset you require. Based on your requirements, our account manager will guide you further.

  • Selection of the Funding Company

    Hall Asset Finance will then provide the best options for soft asset finance in the UK. You can compare the terms in order to make an informed decision.

  • Selection of the Asset

    After finalising the funding company, the next step is arranging a suitable delivery time for the equipment.

  • Sign the Agreement

    This step requires signing the agreement on the terms you and the finance company have agreed upon.

  • Get the Asset

    After you have signed the agreement and made the initial deposit, you will get possession of the soft asset equipment.

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