Hall Asset Finance offers machinery finance solutions for small, medium, and large-scale organisations. We will connect you with the best finance companies that deal in funding industrial plants and machinery, thereby enabling you to secure the best offers for heavy machinery finance in the UK.


It is a method to use (and own) machinery that your business requires. This method enables companies, big or small, to acquire new machinery without making a huge impact on their balance sheet. You can use this finance option if you decide to grow your business or replace existing machinery.

Machinery is used by various organisations working in different sectors and industries for the production of goods or for processing purposes. They have proven to be vital tools in civil engineering, logistics, construction, and numerous other industries. Since they require a huge upfront cost, most companies opt for financing route to acquire them. It allows them to use the machinery for a particular time and own it later on by making regular monthly instalments.


By presenting credible options for heavy machinery finance in the UK, we help businesses across the region get access to the assets they require. Our network comprises some of the most reliable names in the industry. We leverage these connections to ensure our clients get the best deals for machinery finance.

Machinery Finance Options by Hall Asset Finance

Hall Asset Finance offers the following options for machinery finance in the UK:

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you to spread the cost of the capital over a fixed term, enabling businesses to use the revenue generated from the asset to pay back the regular instalments. This method of heavy or construction machinery finance can also offer a residual value that reduces the monthly instalments and gives you the option to refinance the residual value or take the title at the end of the agreed term.

In this method, the repayment model is structured to align with the company’s cash flow. You can make a small upfront payment and set higher monthly instalments or a larger upfront payment and smaller monthly instalments.

Finance Lease

It is a type of leasing agreement in which the customer rents the equipment for a period between 1 and 5 years. This method remains highly popular among companies due to its tax advantages.

Once the contract reaches its end, the company has four options at its disposal. These are:

Benefits of Machinery Leasing

The Process for
Machinery Finance

  • Reach Out to Us

    Contact us with the type of machinery you require, and we will further explain the entire process to you.

  • Selection of the Funding Company

    Hall asset finance will then provide the best deal suitable and select which funder will finance your machinery.

  • Selection of the Machinery

    Select from a range of machinery suppliers or speak to us about your request.

  • Sign the Agreement

    Once you have decided and your application has been approved, you will sign the finance documents.

  • Get the Machinery

    After all the formalities have been cleared, you will get possession of the machinery.

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