Hall Asset Finance offers horsebox funding in the UK for businesses and individuals. Using our vast network of finance companies, we will help you select the most suitable financing solutions for your horsebox.

What is Horsebox Finance?

It is a type of funding that’s taken for acquiring a horsebox. With the help of horsebox funding solutions in the UK, businesses or individuals can get possession of a horsebox for a limited time or permanently. You will make an initial deposit which is followed by regular repayments in order to cover the cost of the loan of the agreement.

Horsebox Finance Options at Hall Asset Finance

Hire Purchase

The hire purchase financing model offers a simple approach to getting possession of a horsebox, as the interest rate and monthly payments are fixed throughout the duration of the contract. The customer has the option to own the horsebox at the end of the agreement.


Hall Asset Finance is a trusted partner for equestrian enthusiasts and businesses seeking horsebox finance in the UK, offering specialized financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of the equine industry. We offer competitive rates and personalized service for horsebox financing to enable our clients to access the necessary capital to invest in safe, high-quality horse transportation,

Benefits of Horsebox Finance

Horsebox Finance for Business or Pleasure

Hall Asset Finance specializes in offering horsebox finance for both organizations and private buyers. Whether you want to buy a single horse trailer or your requirements entail larger vehicles with multiple stalls, we have got you covered.

We will utilize our vast network of finance companies to provide you with the best possible options. This will help you make an informed decision and get horsebox finance, whether for your private or business purposes.

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The Process of Horsebox Finance

  • Share Your Requirements

    Start the process by sharing your requirements with us and the purpose of getting a Horsebox.

  • Selection of the Funding Company

    We will present you with various funding companies to choose from with different financing options.

  • Selection of the Horsebox

    Once you have finalised a horsebox supplier, choose a horsebox that matches your requirements.

  • Sign the Agreement

    This step involves completing the relevant paperwork and signing where we instruct you to.

  • Get the Possession

    Possession A convenient way to own the horsebox. After the agreement is signed, you will get possession of the horsebox when paid by the finance house.

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