Buying new equipment for your business can impact your budget, cash flow, and cash reserve. However, with Hall Asset Finance’s equipment finance services in the UK, you can now acquire new equipment conveniently.

We will connect you with leading brokers for hardware, plant and machinery, or telecommunications equipment finance in the UK to help you get the best deals.

What is Equipment Finance?

The equipment finance model allows companies to spread the cost of equipment into a series of payments. This financial method is suitable for companies that want to maintain adequate cash reserves.

The equipment that can be financed through this model includes:

Equipment Finance Options by Hall Asset Finance

Hall Asset Finance offers two options for equipment finance in the UK. These include:


With a lease, the finance company retains the title of the asset. The customer only possesses the equipment for the particular time agreed with the finance house and returns the equipment and the end of the agreement.

The asset in question doesn’t show on the customer’s balance sheet as they do not own it. At the end of the contract, you can extend it to a later date or return the asset back to the lessor.

Hire Purchase

Unlike a lease agreement, the hire purchase model allows the customer to retain the ownership of the equipment. Therefore, it’s listed on their balance sheet. The customer is required to make an initial deposit followed by a fixed schedule of regular monthly instalments. At the end of the contract, they can own the equipment by paying a nominal fee. The customer can either use the equipment for your business or sell it, depending on their requirements.


Hall Asset Finance serves as a pivotal resource for businesses seeking equipment finance in the UK. We take pride in providing them with tailored financial solutions to facilitate the acquisition of essential equipment across various industries. Recognizing the significance of up-to-date and efficient equipment for operational success, Hall Asset Finance offers accessible financing options such as leases, hire purchase agreements, etc.

Benefits of Equipment Finance

The Process for
Equipment Finance

  • Reach Out to Us

    Connect with us and let us know about the type of equipment you require. Our team will provide you with the required information and guide you through the further process.

  • Selection of the Funding Company

    Hall Asset Finance will then provide the best deal suitable and select which funder will finance your equipment.

  • Selection of the Machinery

    Once the proposal has been agreed and terms are set, the next step is arranging a suitable delivery time of the equipment.

  • Sign the Agreement

    This is an important step in which you will sign the contract with the funding company on the agreed-upon terms.

  • Get the Equipment

    In this step, you will get possession of the equipment once paid by the finance house.

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