Although we finance a vast range of assets, vehicles are always very popular. We now offer a complete car sourcing service. Whether your requirements are prestige, family, or commercial vehicles, you can trust our services for vehicle finance in the UK as we ensure you will be offered some of the best terms in today’s market.

At Hall Asset Finance, our main aim is to make car finance simpler and hassle-free for our clients. To ensure this, we take care of every aspect of car financing. We have a team of experts with decades of experience. By optimally using their expertise and experience, they make the entire process free of complications and nerve-wracking challenges while securing the best deals for our clients, be it personal or commercial car finance in the UK.

As an asset finance broker, we will provide you with a list of options from a selection of lenders that match your requirements. This will enable you to choose the best option for car financing and secure a deal.

Our Car Finance Options

Hall Asset Finance offers the following car financing options:

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is one of the most common ways of vehicle finance in the UK. The customer will make an initial deposit and pay the remaining amount in fixed monthly payments. Once the agreement ends, you will have the option to take ownership of the vehicle.

Contract Hire

This option comes with certain limitations. It is a long-term rental payment method in which the vehicle is handed back to the leasing company, which retains its ownership at the end of the contract. The ‘contract hire’ method includes making monthly payments to the leasing company at a predetermined mileage.


It is a process that includes signing a new agreement to clear the outstanding balance on a previously signed car finance contract. You can either refinance the entire contract or opt for balloon finance.


Competitive Rates

We aim to get the best deal on the market for business car finance in the UK.

Easy Process

Our team takes care of everything, from finding the best option for prestige car finance in the UK to completing paperwork to make the process easy, quick, and hassle-free for you.

An Experienced Team

We have an experienced team comprising experts in the industry who are willing to give it their all to ensure you get the best deal.

Personalised Services

We understand every client is different, and so are their requirements. Therefore, we offer personalised services for car finance in the UK tailored perfectly to their needs.

Our Car Financing Process

  • Talk to Our Experts

    The process begins when you talk to one of our experts and communicate your requirements. After getting the necessary details from you, they will start looking for suitable options for you.

  • Selection & Approval

    Once we have the required details, we will provide you with a list of lenders and help secure the best deal for you. With your consent, we will get the contract approved in principle.

  • Selection of the Vehicle

    This is the time when you can finally start looking for your desired vehicle as your finance has been approved. Our team can also help to look for the car you require.

  • Paperwork

    We know that there can be a variety of paperwork to collect when packaging your deals. We’ve got everything in one place, plus innovative tips to make completing your deals simple.

  • Enjoy the Ownership

    With everything in place, it’s your time to take a drive of your new car and enjoy the ownership.

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