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In line with the government’s mission to reduce gas emissions, Hall Asset Finance facilitates companies looking for renewable energy asset finance in the UK. Through this service, we aim to not only help our clients but play our role for the betterment of the environment as well. We also offer funding options for agricultural assets.

If you are looking for financial support for an agricultural and renewable energy asset, we can help you connect with finance companies that offer the most appropriate deal that suits your business.

What is Agricultural and Renewable Energy Asset Finance?

Agricultural and renewable energy assets are often costly, which is why buying outright can be cost-effective for businesses. This is where funding options for agricultural finance in the UK come into the picture. By making regular payments over a particular period of time, companies can possess and use such assets during the normal life cycle of the equipment. This method of agricultural finance in the UK makes accessing an asset easier and more cost-effective.


Hall Asset Finance provides a comprehensive solution for agriculture and renewable energy asset finance in the UK, offering tailored financial options and expertise to support the diverse needs of the agricultural sector. With a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges, we specialize in providing accessible funding options for farmers, which enables them to acquire essential agricultural assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, and technology.

Funding Options for Renewable Energy and Agricultural Assets by Hall Asset Finance

Companies looking for renewable energy and agricultural machinery finance in the UK can benefit from the following options available at Hall Asset Finance:

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase contract enables organisations to own an asset immediately by making an initial deposit. The rest of the amount is cleared by making regular payments in the form of instalments. At the end of the agreement, the company can own the asset by paying a nominal fee or refinance the residual value if agreed upon.

Capital Release

This method includes refinancing the existing assets of the company. It allows them to improve their cash flow. To put it simply, the finance house will purchase the asset from the company. Then, the asset is again acquired by the company on a hire purchase contract. At the end of the contract, the asset goes back into the ownership of the company.

Finance Lease

It is a full payout contract that allows organisations to acquire the asset without actually owning it. A finance lease agreement offers enhanced flexibility since it enables the customer to choose how much initial deposit they want to make and the duration of the contract.

When the contract ends, the customer can either return the asset to the owner, sell it, or extend the agreement.

Operating Lease

This funding method allows the customer to rent the asset for a particular period of time. The funder sets up a residual value of the asset, depending on its worth, when the contract ends.


The Process for
Agricultural and Renewable
Energy Asset Finance

  • Contact Us

    The process begins when you contact us and share your requirements with us pertaining to the asset you want to own. Our account manager will guide you through the entire process.

  • Selection of the Funding Company

    Hall Asset Finance will then provide the best deal suitable and select which funder will finance your machinery.

  • Selection of the Asset

    This step includes selecting the asset you want to acquire from the available options.

  • Sign the Agreement

    Once you have selected the asset and finalised the terms, you will sign the agreement and any other required documentation.

  • Get the Asset

    This is when you will get possession of the asset after the deal has been paid by the finance house.

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